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k on the voyage,” he added, turn●ing to me. “Why, certainly, s▓ir,” I cried, suddenly assailed with▓ the fear that he might see, through my coat, th●e


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kodak that contained a likeness of hi▓s ship. “You told the chief officer you were● a sailor, I believe” “A.B., sir 癃and steward.” “Have you ▓anything you can put him at, ▓Chester” “I’ve more than I c●an use now,” replied the heavy-weig▓ht. “Beg pardon, sir,” put in

“I’●d may

the mate, “b●ut the chief engineer says he can use ●an extra man down below.” He was a ki●ndly fellow, was the mate.Not o▓nly was the stoke hole an inferno in that latit●ude, but t


he Hindu firemen would never● have ceased gloating over the sahib who had▓ been sentenced to the degradatio●n of working among them.  癜No! No!” answered the command▓er; “The man is a sailor and a steward.He is ▓not a stoker.You had better take him on▓ deck with you, Dick.” H●e st

arted up the ladder; but▓ the mate loathed to acknowledge himse▓lf defeated.He made a sign to the doctor. ● 249“Stick out your tongue,” commande▓d Sangrado, suddenly. I complied▓. “Does that look as if he had bee●n without food for forty-eig


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ht hours” demande●d the mate. What he hoped to ●prove by the question I coul●d not fathom.It would never do● to incriminate “Peggy,” and I k

be just, jun

ept s▓ilent.The leech shrugged his shoulders. “H●uh,” muttered the mate, “I know wh●at I’d do with him if I was in command.” ▓ “Take him on